Welcome Crimson Families.

It was a beautiful day to start our morning in the yard with some stretching. While stretching in the yard, we went to look at guinea pig and chickens for their food and water.

The News Time topic “Diversity” involved discussing the Chinese New Year and the Waitangi festival. Children showed excellent involvement in group time by sharing their knowledge, thoughts, and ideas on diversity.

The News Time was followed by a learning centre where children helped to clean the crimson room. We sorted out toys inside and on the deck. Children built a team to organise all put similar toys in the same basket.

After organising toys, we went to the deck to create money cards and tried to copy the Chinese writing style. Children looked at real money cards and tried their best to copy on their own cards.

The learning centre also involved constructive play where children built their own house which included parking for special cars. Constructive play also involved building a town with big wooden blocks and mobiles as pretend vehicles.

After the learning centre, we all went to the sandpit and yard. We organised a team to play soccer, hide and seek and cubby house. We took turns and worked together in different teams.


Thank you for the fun day. See you tomorrow!



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