Welcome Crimson Families.

It was lovely day to explore the outside of the crimson room. After morning tea, children went to visit guinea pig and chickens. It was Friday, so all children checked the food and water supply for guinea pig and chicken for the weekend.

In the News Time, we said goodbye to our school levers children as they are starting their Big school from next week. Elliot enjoyed his last day with all the other children by playing in the yard with water. The News Time also involved discussion about the Chinese New Year celebration next week. We discussed a few News Time topics such as diversity and nutrition for the next four weeks.

The learning centre involved making money cards for the Chinese New Year celebration. Olivia and Georgia made their imaginative cards for celebrating Chinese New Year. Additionally, Adeline and Isabelle were running a restaurant involving Chinese foods. The money made by children were used in the restaurant to buy food for celebrating the festival.

The other side of the deck involved, Max and Jack running police stations and fire trucks to save our community. Isaac, Henry and Arda were creating their own building structure using different coloured magnets.

The indoor learning space involved construction play with magnets, mobilos and legos. Children used their imaginative and creative thinking skills to design different designs.

The learning centre was followed by sandpit and yard play. It was great to see children’s excitement in developing fine and gross motor skills through playing in monkey bars, cubby house and climbing frames. Children showed excellent body coordination while engaged in yard play.

We had a wonderful Friday.


Thank you and Have a Nice Weekend. See you next week!






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