Welcome Crimson Families.

The celebration of Chinese New Year was the highlight of today’s learning activities. In group time, we watched videos about lion dance and how different countries perform their lion dance. Following with Chinese New Year, we talked about the Waitangi festival which falls on the 6th of February.

The News Time involved the celebration of Jeffrey’s 5th birthday. All children gathered on the mat and sang happy birthday for Jeffrey. Additionally, children brought their News and share it with other friends. The News Time topic “Diversity” involved open-ended conversation about which and how they celebrate their festivals.

The learning centre involved making money cards and colouring with gold and yellow textures. Children made money bags for their families and friends.

The learning centre in the deck involved sensory play with playdough and constructive play with magnets. Children connected magnets and build their own houses to celebrate Chinese New Year.

While creating a money bag, a group of children organized the kitchen and started selling foods for Chinese New Year. A dollhouse was also created to perform different dancing rituals of the festival.

Vacation care children were also engaged in STEM learning for the whole day learning about skeletons to making slime. the other group of children were fascinated to see so many science objects and observed quietly with school children.

The weather was not supportive of playing in the yard, but we succeeded in the sandpit to play in the afternoon. The sand was wet which helped children to dig holes and built castles.


We had an amazing day. See you tomorrow.





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