Today was a very hot day so we spent some time talking about sun safety. The children put on some sun cream and then we set up some water play to keep cool. They enjoyed standing in the tub and pouring water on each other’s toes, and some made the way to their tops.

There was so much laughter in the garden which was lovely to hear.

In the kitchen, Alison, Teresia, Tilly and Chelsea had lots of fun doing pretend play. They made lunch for each other and talked about playing in the water and getting wet. Isidori and Chloe did some mixing when they were making dinner and took the teddy bear on an outing. They moved the sand around twirling it. ‘’Dinner time’’ Chloe said to Donna.

Group time was full of lots of chats about becoming The Magenta Group now and how proud we are to see them grow over the past year. We spoke about the fun things we will do in the Magenta group.

As Chinese New Year approaches the children sat and spoke about the festival and how the lantern is very important and symbolises good fortune and letting go of the past.

The children had the opportunity to make their own Lanterns practising their hand and eye coordination.

We had a fun filled day in the Magenta room.

Please provide a hat and water bottle daily as the weather is so hot.

Have a lovely evening!

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