Today, in Aqua room,

  • We spoke about an Opera House, looked at the photos of it and then created our very own Opera house using cut outs of papers. We used sticky glue to stick the sails on the paper. Some of us were distracted by glue stick! It was fun showing our sticky fingers to friends.
  • Some of us also coloured the cut-out shape of a Koala and some other Australia animals. We used pencil colours to fill colours in the animals.
  • We also polished our creativity by doing stamp painting with red and blue colours. Getting messy and feeling the wet paint on our fingers made us stay at this table longer than any other activities.
  • We also practised holding scissors. Some of us learnt how to hold it and started opening and closing the scissors in a rhythm to snip the paper. It required a lot of concentration, and we were good at it.
  • During yoga time, we sat with our legs crossed. Then we named all our body parts and wiggled them. It was fun. We counted our hands, legs, fingers, and toes.
  • Outdoor free play was fun filled as we played with toys and each other.

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