Hello Aqua group families.

What a lovely day was it today?

Most of us spent a lot of time in the outdoor today.

To start with, our outdoor kitchen was a busiest play are. The children loved cooking recipes using pots, pans and sand. They role modelled the adults and that could be easily seen in their plays. In fact, the children just loved spending their valued time in the home corner setting indoors as well. What a wonderful learning space it is which gives children opportunities to enhance and develop their language skills, imagination as well as social skills.

In the outdoors, we also enjoyed physical activities such as climbing up and sliding down the slippery dip, kicking and running after a ball, making and breaking the waffle cubes as well as walking on the wobbly cushions.

Sandpit was busy with those who loved rolling in the cool and wet sand. They scooped and watched the sand rolled down from windmill.

Dinosaurs on the grassy mat were out on children’s demand and not to mention they enjoyed interacting with them.

In the construction corner, the helmets were on, and the children showed awareness of being safe as the first priority before taking the blocks out. Well done children.

We continued with the collage Australian flag making activity and some of us used the dropper to squirt out red and blue coloured paints onto the paper.

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