Dancing in nursery is very popular and today was no different. We had a large group of children wanted to dance and sing their favorite nursery rhymes. Dancing, singing and playing music are part of a child’s process of growing up and learning what their bodies can do. It also teaches children how to interact with other people, objects and the world around them.

During the learning centre some of the Emerald children went to Aqua for transition. They loved the new environment. They were busy exploring new room by playing with the new toys, new equipment, etc. It was so nice to see children settling in their new environment.

Back in nursery room, children sat for a group time with Cindy whilst with Jasmine they polished their fine motor skills by pushing the pom poms into the small bottles.

Car were very popular today as the children had an opportunity to push their little cars down slippery dip.

As today was very warm, we decided to cool down with the water play. Water is an important natural material that provides hours of absorbing fun and a multitude of wonderful development and learning opportunities. Children enjoyed adding the toys into the water tub and getting wet.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe! 😊

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