Welcome to another exciting week in Emerald Room.

Today we started with yoga. There is so many benefits of practicing yoga from young age. Yoga gives children a safe, fun and playful way to explore their bodies at their own pace and level. It can help improve coordination, attention, self-awareness and helps foster self-esteem and confidence.

We enjoyed singing the songs with Cindy and Affa as well as exploring sensory box.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and we already started to prepare some of the activities. We painted our very own paper hearts with the brushes. We used red and purple and children were so happy dabbing the paintbrush into the paint and making some lovely marks.

We had so much fun playing with the sand. By encouraging the sand play we are helping children to build sensory development.

Nox and Leon enjoyed simple activity such as drawing. Nox showed beautiful sharing skills once you invited baby Leon to join him in this activity and giving some crayons. Well done Nox! 😊

Our babies loved exploring the sensory toys whilst girls decided to pat the babies to sleep.

What a lovely day we had today! 😊


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