It’s Friday!

Emerald children have started their day with a free play. We explored a lot, made so much mess, learned new things and most important we had so much fun.

Children have enjoyed another day in their room.

We were busy playing with the blocks, Ashwin was polishing his new fine motor skills stacking the blocks on top of each other, whilst Evelyn enjoyed sensory blocks.

Story time or singing with Cindy, no matter what we chose we always have fun.

This week we had so many activities with dinosaurs and today we squeezed another one. Today we explored their names, sounds and even their homes.

Later, children moved to the sand pit making some beautiful sandcastles.

Girls had fun patting the babies and making some food in emerald pretend kitchen. 😊

Leon and Millie showed beautiful sharing skill during the block play and they even share a walker. Well done guys! 😊

It was such a beautiful and fun day. 😊

Have a good weekend and see you next week! Stay safe!

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