Welcome Crimson Families, Monday was filled with fun and joy for the whole day. It was Leo’s birthday and children were wishing him happy birthday from morning. Leo brought cupcakes and some presents for his friends.

The group time involved discussion about self-identity and self-belongings. We discussed about taking of things such as toys, bags, water bottles and hats. Children interacted with each other how we can take care of our things.

In the group time, we   sang happy birthday for Leo’s birthday and cut the cupcake with his brother Momo. Leo brought parcel with him and asked everyone to play pass the parcel game. While unwrapping the parcel, children got lots of hidden items inside it. Children were loving the game and enjoying their presents from Leo.

The learning center involved construction play with magnets, mobilos and Legos. The deck was full of learning experiences such as sensory development with playdough, kitchen play with pretend food and also making card for Chinese New Year.

The indoor learning environment involved sorting shapes and sizes using different visuals of wild and farm animals. A group of children participated in home corner learning where they created their own house filled with barbie dolls, bed, and a bus.

Despite of fluctuating weather, we were able to spend some time in the sandpit and yard. The sandpit play involved building kitchen and digging hole for making escape room.

Ms Paula was here for Fit and Funky in the afternoon. The Fit and Funky encouraged gross motor skills by control whole body movements. Children performed different body action with beat of music. All children were following instructions and copying the actions with each other to complete task.

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