Welcome Crimson Families, early morning we started with group discussion about self-safety and keeping track of belongings in right place. Children interacted with each other to locate their belongings such as bags, bottles in the lockers and shoes in the shoe racks.

The News Time continued with topic of diversity and inclusion in the society. We discovered how people were    treated differently based on culture, race, and colour. Children talked about equality and treating everybody’s culture in respectful way.

The learning center involved constructive play with magnets and mobilos. The play was further added   with astronauts and rockets. Children built their own rocket man to fly up in the space from the space station. The space station involved car parking and astronaut’s area to take rest.

Sensory development was conducted through playdough. The playdough activity was added with rollers, food makers and plastic knives for children to create their own shape of food. The learning activity was focused for diversity in the society relating cultural food.

The doll house was centre of attraction with new barbie dolls. Children created their own house with barbie dolls and house area in the doll house. The doll house was further added with kitchen food.

The learning center was followed by sandpit and play in the yard. The sun was coming out during afternoon which made children excited to play in the yard just before their lunch time. We had scavenger hunt in the yard where children were looking for hidden times. Children made their own team and were communicating with each other to follow different direction for hidden items.

We had wonderful day.


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