Welcome back! It’s Monday and the children are super excited to begin another week in the Aqua room 😊

Today we started by learning about shapes! The children sat down with Natasha to glue and stick some coloured shapes onto their paper. Together they talked about the different shapes and colours they could see. This was a fun activity to promote colour and shape recognition.

We got our yoga mats out for a little session this morning! The children are enthusiastic to join in and love to show off the different yoga poses that they have been working on. It is always such a fun way to encourage movement and gross motor skills.

Later on, we looked at some more shapes … love hearts! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the children couldn’t wait to create more art and craft for their loved ones. Today the children used glue sticks to spread the glue over their paper before placing red and pink hearts all over it, one at a time!

We enjoyed exploring the play dough today! The children pushed the seashells into the blue play dough to make prints and patterns. This was a great way to promote fine motor skills and to engage the children in sensory play.

Today was a very fun day! The children have been busy listening to stories, playing musical instruments and building towers and houses!

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