Happy Tuesday! The weather has been a little wet this morning and the children have spent their time exploring the indoor environment and participating in different activities throughout the day!

We have continued our learning about shapes and colours today! The children are becoming very interested in different shapes and have started to point out common shapes during their play!

With the wet weather, we brought yoga inside! The children were keen to get started and didn’t mind the change of location. Together, we warmed up our bodies and moved them to the yoga music. We ended with some relaxation and stretching 😊

The children collected some leaves and other natural materials to create a beautiful tree collage! They used glue sticks to spread the glue around their papers and carefully placed the materials onto their trees. We talked about the trees in the garden and noted that birds live in trees too!

We practiced our drawing skills by decorating more love hearts! The children used felt tip pens to draw and colour in the hearts. They are learning how to hold the pens and also how to look after them by making sure they put the lids on when they have finished 😊

When the sun came out in the afternoon, the children had fun making a big group art project together using paints and things that roll … like cars and sponge rollers!

What a lovely day 😊

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