It was hot scorching day today, so we encourage children to keep their hats on, drink water and tried to put suns cream as much as possible.

This morning, Magenta children start their day by doing group times. Children were divided into two groups. Some of the children were sitting in Carolina’s group where they were listening very attentively to her story books. Whereas other children were sitting in Komal Preet’s group where they talked about Chinese New Year, and she showed the children how Chinese people celebrate their festival. This helps children in understanding fundamental understanding of the way that culture and community influence and impact us.

Later on, they were invited to do some yoga with Komal Preet where they stretched their body parts and relaxed their body and mind as well.

During learning centre time, explorers were engaged in doing different activities based on Chinese New Year festival. Outside explorers were invited to make Chinese fans with Durshi, likewise some children were sitting with Carolina sticking and decorating some paper in a same way how Chinese people use to decorate their walls. Also, inside with Donna children were painting symbolic signs of Chinese people. These activities foster children to respect and open-mindedness for other cultures.

Before afternoon teatime, children sat with Donna and some of them sat with Komal Preet to celebrate William and Chloe birthday respectively by singing some birthday songs. We really did enjoy our small birthday party.

We had an amazing day in Magenta today and hope you will have a lovely evening.

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