Today the children started their morning with some yoga fun with Komalpreet. They stretched up high to the sky and then touched their toes. They also did the butterfly pose and got their body rested ready for the day.

Sophia and Charli helped to do some recycling. We are teaching the children how to reuse paper and the importance of recycling when we can.

The magnets where a big hit today, Poppy, Alice, Sophia B and India made some really nice shapes and towers with the magnets.

At group time the children enjoyed stories and talking about the upcoming Valentines day. We spoke about the shape of the heart and what it means to feel loved. After the children made some wonderful hand prints with the colour of pink. Look at that big smile Charli and Isla that hand was full of pink paint.

Some of the children continued finishing Chinese New Year creative experiences.

Poppy, Noah and Jack did some amazing hand and eye activities, she was quite good at threading.

A small group joined Rosanna and made red dough for Valentines day and then manipulated into different shapes.

What a fun filled day at Magenta today.

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