Happy Friday Magenta families,

One again, we warmly welcome all the new children and their families who are starting with Magenta Room from this week. Also, we sincerely welcome all the children and their families who are transitioning to Magenta from Emerald and Aqua. It’s the last day of the week and everyone is so excited for the weekend.

We are planning to create a family tree for Magenta Room and we kindly request all the Magenta families to bring a family photo and hand it to one of our Magenta educators to include in our family Tree.

Today the weather was bit challenging with few showers and strong winds. We started our morning routine with some indoor play and dancing. After morning tea, we gathered together on the mat with friends who are new to Magenta and introduced ourselves to each other. Then, we participated in a yoga session to boost our muscle tone, flexibility and the strength throughout the body.

During the group time, we discussed how to be responsible for our belongings. We practiced keeping our shoes in the shoe rack, placing the bags in our lockers, keeping water bottles in the water basket and the hats in the hat pockets. Further, we initiated to include “Show and tell” for the group time. Isla H showed her “Musical Birthday Card” to the group and explained about it. Children were encouraged to ask questions.

Following the group time, we spent learning centre time in groups. We started few art work projects for the Valentine’s Day using recycled material. We enjoyed all sort of gross motor activities in the yard.

We also focused on sensory activities today. We played with coloured sand, dinosaurs, and sea animals. We used our imagination to make up stories and shared with friends.

Everyone was very thrilled and busy exploring different learning experiences, expressing their interests and practicing to be responsible for our belongings.


We all had an amazing day and so looking forward to another exciting wee at BBC.



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