Happy Monday welcome back, we hope you had a great weekend.

Today the children started the morning with some story time with their teacher Durshi. They listened so nicely while she read a story about spot the dog.

It is great to see the children so busy with their many activities regarding Valentine’s Day.

The children have been making many different creative experiences with hearts. Today they made some amazing red prints. We used recycled toilet holders to make the shape and then print on the paper.

They also explored red coloured water with the droppers. It is always a hit with the water box.

The children also had the option to cut out different shaped hearts and stick them onto paper, making a wonderful collage.

To continue our learning of the numbers 1 to 5 the children joined Carolina and counted the apples they could find on the blue board. They all helped to count, and then the children helped individually.

Zachary made some wonderful sand cakes with water and sand. He was super excited to share it with Donna. What a fun filled day we had today, even with the rain falling.

Happy Birthday to Alice today, thank you for sharing your special day with us and the yummy cup cakes.

We hope you had a nice day too.


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