Hello, Crimson families.


It was another hot day. We made sure that we drank plenty of water and applied sunscreen throughout the day. Just a friendly reminder for the families, to ensure your child/ren have a sun smart hat and changing clothes (include underwear) in their bag. When it is hot, we do a lot of water play!


In the morning, before learning centre time, we gather on the mat and went over again how to use the toys we have in Crimson room as one of the lovely family donated some toys for us! We agreed we will take good care of them and pack them away nicely after finish playing.

After the children were divided into learning centre groups, each group had a small group time. Group time is really important since it helps children to develop a sense of belonging to a group and also helps them to build friendships. Thereafter, they engaged in activities in which they were interested.


On the deck, children were invited to explore seif-identity through reflecting on their famines. In their conversations with educators, they were asked: How many family members are there? Who are they? etc. and drew a picture of the family.


In the room, another group of children engaged in art activity as Valentine’s Day is coming up. They used various colours of paint to make love-heart very colourful. It was lovely to hear them talking about who they were sending love to.


In the afternoon, Ms Sarah came for the Fit and Funky program. The children who signed up for this exciting program had a great time doing a variety of dances and yoga. If you would like to enrol your child, there is an enrolment form available at the sign-in desk for you to complete and hand into educators.


Thank you for a wonderful day! See you tomorrow.


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