This morning we got in the rhythm of the day with our favorite nursery rhymes. Some of the children decided to explore the yards. Millie, Ella, Hugo, and May showed great skills whilst drawing with pencils.

Nox, Zoe and Nico were getting messy in the sandpit. They were making cakes for their teachers birthday.

We had group time with Affa, read a few stories, enjoyed a yoga session stretching our bodies and drew with chalk on the plastic tub. Drawing with chalk helps children to learn the appropriate pencil grip as well as develop fine motor control and manipulation.

With Sushmita, during group time we sang “Good morning” in different languages and read some books. Today’s favorite was Pip and Posy “The Scary Monster”.

We have made footprints for Valentine’s Day and giggled a lot whilst Sushmita was painting our feet with the paint brush.

During free play we built towers with wooden blocks, practiced our gross motor skills on the jungle gym and enjoyed water play.


Have a good day everyone!

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