Today we started the day with group time. Singing and reading have so many benefits for children, including developing their social skills, language skills and learning about turn taking skills. Children learn how to communicate with their peers and teachers, and how to wait for their turn.

We had so many interesting activities today. Jasmine has made a box with pouches inside and lids on top of it so she would invite the children to try to screw the lid on to the box. It is such a beautiful and simple activity with so many benefits behind it.

We also danced with Bernice and sang songs in Spanish.

The children also enjoyed playing with bubbles. Bubble play is fantastic for cause and effect, and spatial awareness, as children have to move around to catch and pop the bubbles. It’s lots of fun and there’s always lots of giggles and celebrations when the bubbles are popped!

Cindy and Hugh had some beautiful cuddles, whilst Evelyn and Millie practiced their gross motor skills.


Have a good weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week! 🙂

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