Happy Friday! The children have had another lovely day in the Aqua room. We have done so much today 😊

We kicked things off with group time. The children gathered around to sit down on the mat with their educators and talk about the day. Together, they discussed the weather, what day of the week it was and what activities they would be doing today! Next, we read our favourite books and practiced our Alphabet song to find the letters of our names!

Everybody joined in with yoga this morning! They children reached up high and stretched their bodies for the day! We followed along to different yoga poses and finished with some meditation whilst laying down and breathing in and out 😊

We have been learning a lot about shapes this week! Today the children were invited to sit down and paint a square with green and yellow paint. Whilst painting, we talked about different shapes and colours!

Next, the children helped to make the playdough. They helped pour the ingredients into the bowl and mix it with their hands. We decided to add some rosemary to our play dough today. The children used their noses to smell the rosemary and then they used their fine motor skills to pinch the rosemary leaves and sprinkle them into the bowl! We had so much fun 😊

The children have had a very busy day exploring the yard and taking care of the babies in the home corner! Have a lovely weekend!

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