Hello, Crimson families.


Such a beautiful day we had! Children were so happy to explore all the learning areas in the Crimson room. Just a friendly reminder for the families, to ensure your child/ren have a sun smart hat and changing clothes (include underwear) in their bag. When it is hot, we do a lot of water play!


In group time, we agreed to take care of our belongings. Water bottles and hats must be placed in lockers when not needed and shoes must be placed in lockers or shoe racks.

After the children were divided into learning centre groups, each group had a small group time. The group stayed on the deck started their learning centre time with a great discussion about the meaning of the word ‘Diversity’. Children agreed we are different in some ways and similar in others. To celebrate our differences and similarities, we talked about our favourite fruits.

One of the table activities was identifying the first letter of the name. We spread shaving cream on the table and wrote letters on it with our fingers. Children had so much fun finding the same letters in their names.


Inside the room, another group of children enjoyed listening to the story read by Elaria. Thank you, Elaria to share a beautiful book with us. Poppy also shared her special toy with us. She explained about her toy and showed us how it can talk. After, children explored learning areas to find activities of interest. At the art table, the children were invited to draw a ‘Love picture’ in honour of Valentine’s Day. Most of them drew family and commented ‘My family love each other.’. How sweet!


In the afternoon, children enjoyed water play in the yard and sandpit. It was lovely to see them taking care of their belongings, putting wet clothes in the bags.



Thank you for a wonderful day! See you tomorrow.



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