Welcome Magenta Families,

It was a warm sunny day so we started our morning with a play outside. We made sure that we drank plenty of water during the day and applied sunscreen before going to the yard.

Just a gentle reminder for the families, to bring a family photo and hand it to one of the Magenta educators to include in our Family Tree. Also please ensure your child has a sun smart hat and change of clothes in their bag. We love to do a lot of water play on hot days.

In group time we discussed about the weather, the days of the week also how to be respectful to our families, friends, and teachers. Then we read some books together.

During learning time, we learnt to recognise different colours and to copy a pattern made with colours. Colour recognition can boost language skills because learning to identify and describe colours improves the child’s ability to communicate and express themselves. Also, learning colours strengthen math skills, helping children learn how to sort, organise, categorise, and compare. In the yard, we continued to practice “kicking a ball to the goal”.

Some of us had lots of fun in the sandpit making sandcastles. The new kitchen in the home corner was also so much fun and we tried different recipes with friends.

Thank you for a wonderful day! See you tomorrow.

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