Happy Monday and welcome back to another week! Today is also Valentine’s Day 😊 We have had a great day spreading the love and talking about what we love the most!

Today we celebrated Valentine’s Day by making some delicious butter (but not actual butter) biscuits in heart shapes for the children to decorate and enjoy for their afternoon tea. The children had so much fun using the rolling pins to roll the dough out into a big circle before using a heart shaped cookie cutter to make the Valentine’s Day hearts.

When they had baked in the oven (thank you Frank), the children used a spoon to decorate their hearts with red icing sugar! During our baking and decorating activity today, the children have used their fine and gross motor skills. We have used mathematical and scientific language whilst discussing our activity and learnt a lot about the different ingredients used!

Our group times today were focused on the people and things that we enjoy and love! Everyone loves their mummies and daddies and also ice cream! Not that we were surprised! 😊 We enjoyed reading books together and singing songs too!

During yoga, the children moved their little bodies along to the yoga music and practiced their poses on the yoga mats!

We’ve had a lovely day together and have enjoyed decorating dinosaurs with green spots, building with the big blocks and playing with play dough!

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