Thursday has arrived and the weather is warm! Each morning we talk about the weather together! The children were all very excited that it was another ‘sunny day’ today!

We spent the morning outdoors playing in the tent that Arturo had brought in for us! The tent was a fun place to play in and it also protected us from the sun!

Group time this morning was also sat in the shade in the garden! We loved reading Robyn’s books together and the children often request specific books that they enjoy. Today they wanted to read the ‘Digger’ book and the ‘Owl’ book, two favourites!

We set up shop for yoga and exercised our gross motor skills with animal poses that work to engage our muscles needed for balance and coordination.

The children got crafty with Sandra and made spaghetti by gluing yellow strips of paper onto paper plates! They talked about how much they love pasta and how yummy it is! 😊

In the afternoon, we played with water in the tray outside to cool off from the heat. We explored the bugs with the playdough and played beautiful music on the instruments!

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