Welcome to another day in the Emerald Room! We started our day with some dancing with Bernice, baby shark is our favorite. Then we got to draw on cardboard with chalk. It was lots of fun to try out different textures at the start of the day. Thomas, Nicolette, Chloe, and Ella really had a blast with the chalk.

Cindy brought out her toys for group time they danced across the platform and we all thought it was hilarious. The monkey swinging on his bananas was a crowd favorite! We had a lot of fun singing our good morning song with Cindy during group time.

Zoe enjoyed playing with the baby doll and taking care of it. While Margo loved playing with our music stand and looking at herself in the mirror. Jason had lots of fun playing with cars throughout the day. Cooper kept using the walker to talk all over the place, he gets so happy when he is moving around.

The playdough was brought out today Chloe, Elise, Zoe, Hugo, and Raphael had a good time using different cookie cutters on their playdough. While Nicolette enjoyed looking at and going through different books. Oliver and Ella had fun stacking blocks together.

Of course throughout our day, we had lots of fun playing in the yard and exploring our different toys. Everything from Dinosaurs to our balance beam to our sand pit and blocks and of course all the toys in between. It was a fun day!

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