Good day Magenta families,

It’s Thursday and we have had a lovely day in the Magenta room.

Our wonderful group times engage us in meaningful conversations and help to establish important relationships with our teachers. We had three separate groups today with Carolina, Komal and Manju.

It was lots of fun doing yoga with Komal today! We were able to show Komal all the different animal poses and yoga moves that we have been learning! This is such a fun form of exercise for us to enjoy together!

We’ve started learning colour recognition with Durshi this week and today we loved sorting pictures into different groups of colours. Colour recognition can boost language skills because learning to identify and describe colours improves ability to communicate and express ourselves. Also, learning colours strengthen math skills, helping us to learn how to sort, organize, categorize, and compare

Throughout the day we loved joining in with reading books, drawing, cutting, blocks, sand play and dressing up. It’s been a very fun day indeed!



We kindly remind all the Magenta families to bring a family photo and hand it to one of the educators to include in Magenta family Tree. Also please ensure your child has a sun smart hat and changing clothes in their bag. We would love to do a lot of water play on hot days.


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