Happy Friday! We’ve come to the end of another fantastic week of lovely weather, fun activities and learning experiences 😊

Today the children gathered on the mat inside for group time and a chat with Robyn! They talked about the weather, the days of the week, the alphabet and what we had planned for the day! And of course, we read our favourite book at the moment ‘Owl Babies’

The children sat down patiently to help Alejandra make the play dough! They took it in turns to measure and pour the ingredients into the bowl. They mixed it all together and explored the texture with their hands. Making the playdough together encourages mathematical and scientific language, as well as enhancing fine motor skills!

Sushmita and Alejandra led the yoga session this morning! The children were able to show off all the moves and poses that they have been perfecting this week 😊

Continuing to learn all about shapes, today the children were invited to paint a circle! They used blue and green paint to decorate their circles.

We’ve had a lot of fun today playing in the cubby house, building houses with the magnetic shapes and reading books together!

Have a lovely weekend 😊

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