Hello, Crimson families. Today’s weather was a bit unpredictable. It was hot, humid and chilly at the same time….  The children were busy changing into long sleeves and short sleeves.


In the morning, after we had a delicious morning tea, the children explored all the learning spaces in Crimson. The arched benches we have recently set up were very popular and many children spent time there. It was lovely to see Charles, Jeffrey and Elijah sitting together there and reading books.


In group time, we talked about the importance of rain. Children agreed some insects, animals and plants need rain, so today’s weather will be good for them! Also, we realised that looking at things from a different point of view allows us to see different ways of thinking, which corresponds to the “Diversity” that we have been discussing a lot recently.


After the children were divided into learning centre groups, each group had a small group time.

Inside the room, a group of children sang many songs including ‘Good morning train’, ‘Twinkle twinkle little star (In both English and Japanese)’, ‘A ram sam sam’ and ‘You are my sunshine. After, each child was engaged in an activity that interested him or her. On the literacy table, they were invited to write their own name along the lines. They demonstrated their concentration to write without crossing over the line.


On the deck, another group of children also worked hard for their pre-writing skills. They traced the lines, trying not to overline the pattern of the written lines. They then copied the pattern of lines they had traced, this time on a blank piece of paper. It wasn’t easy, but they kept a close eye on their hands and the nibs of the pens.


In the afternoon, children engaged in various activities. Building with Magnetic tiles was always popular. Today, Alexia worked very hard to make beautiful construction. After she finished building, she asked the educator to take photos so her mummy and daddy can have a look too!


Rain is expected again tomorrow, please take care of yourself!


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