Good afternoon Aqua families and welcome to another rainy day here with us in the Aqua Room.

It’s so lovely how the children are settling in well and we have been practicing our ‘good morning’ greetings as we welcome our friends as they arrive to spend the day with us here at day care.

We started our day off with a small discussion group around the breakfast table talking about the weather and chatting about if we think the rain will start to pour today.

James: The rain is coming,

Noah: the rain is coming to my home.

This discussion flowed on through our group time as we sung our weather song ‘How’s the weather?’ and we talked about our weather picture book as well as what different clothes we can wear during a rainy day like our gum boots and rain coats. We also read the story ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and talked about the African animals in the story.

It was so wonderful to see the excitement the children showed as we sung the song ‘The Rain is Pouring Down’ whilst watching the rain drops fall from the sky.

Emily: “The rain is pouring down, pitter patter”

Hazel: “Wear gum boots”

Charlie: “and splash in the puddles” (began to jump up and down on the spot)

After morning tea, we did some yoga and dancing. We are getting so good at our yoga poses and some of our favourite poses at the moment are butterfly, dog and snake.  Yoga is a great way to get our bodies ready for the day ahead and promote awareness of how strong our bodies are and how we can move them.

After yoga the rain stopped so we headed out for a run and some outdoor play, we used our music box and went marching to ‘The Ants Go Marching One by One’. We all laughed as we marched around our whole garden.

Some of our other activities today were; home corner, where we were cooking up a storm with cupcakes and toast to share with our friends and educators. Magnetic blocks and playdough to extend our fine motor skills, and the reading corner for relaxation activities such as pre literacy skills in reflecting upon the images we see in our story books and small informal discussion groups encouraging our use of language. The sensory tub with coloured rice was great for scooping and pouring too!

What a great rainy day enjoyed by all,

Hope you have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow

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