It was a rainy day in the Emerald room, but just when it came to the weather. We started the day reading books which Nicolette, Zoe, and Raphael had such a fun time doing. Looking at all the pictures and exploring the words while being read to. It is a fun way to help our imaginations grow.

Nox. Zoe and Jason had so much fun chasing and popping the bubbles with Cindy. Cindy also has such fun toys for us to play with and explore during group time! We ended up being stuck inside a lot and because of the rainy weather, that didn’t stop Nicolette, Hugo, Chloe, and Elise from having a blast painting with cars. Although Hugo more wanted to just drive the cars around the whole room instead. So, we washed them off and let them go.

Later we got some time outside and we colored in some cutouts of bunny ears and did some more yoga before we had to go back inside. But we got to sing wheels on the bus and play with playdough before afternoon tea and it was so much fun. Oliver, Jason, Hugo, Elise, Chloe, and Raphael loved pressing their cookie cutters into the playdough and of course molding it with their hands as well. The texture is a fun one to feel.


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