Today’s weather was bit challenging with rain and wind. We started our morning with indoor play, dancing and reading. During the group time we discussed about how to be responsible of our belongings. Then we read some books together.

In Show and tell, Poppy talked about the magazine she brought from home. Molly brought one of her favourite books from home and talked about it. All children were explaining their things confidently and group time was full of open-ended interactions.

During learning centre time, we worked on a sorting and sticking activity by matching the shape. Also, colour mixing was one of our most favourite activities today. Mixing Primary colours activity help us to explore some scientific skills. It provides an opportunity for us to exercise scientific thinking, make predictions, observations, comparison, reasoning, experimentation, and evaluation. For cognitive development, we solved some puzzles by collecting all pieces of puzzles and putting them together. We also focused on sensory activities today and played with playdough made by us. We used different cutters and knives to shape it. we feel relaxed when we touch the play dough!

We all had a wonderful day playing and laughing.

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