We started out today exploring musical instruments. Amaira and Jason really loved the sounds they were making. We also had lots of fun reading books with Belma and Crysta for morning group time. After group time we got to do some drawing outside with lots of colours. We loved playing with toys and figuring out how they work as well. 

We love things with wheels in the Emerald Room. We love to drive cars around or ride our bikes all over the play yards. Wheels are so much fun to play with! Exploring how things move is one of our favourite activities. Raphael, Nicolette, Hugo, and Nox especially love their bikes! While Oliver and Evelyn really enjoyed rolling things around on different surfaces! 

We also had lots of fun with playdough, and in the sandpit today. Millie, Joey, and May really enjoy the different textures of the world around them. We had another super fun day in The Emerald Room and are super excited for another fun day tomorrow! 

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