Happy March! We’ve had a wonderful Tuesday! 


Today, we started our morning by doing a group time saying our acknowledgment to country, our ‘hello song’ and we played our musical instruments

We also focused on our book ‘Where is the Green Sheep?’ to learn about different colours.

We did yoga together but our mats were wet from the rain! The children love to participate in yoga no matter what the weather so were happy to practice on our carpet!

Our fun activities today were drawing, magnets, puzzles, our home corner and our construction zone.


We also enjoyed our table activities like splashing colour using cotton balls and pegs. We talked about the colours as this is our focus topic of this week.


The children enjoyed making sensory play dough in different shapes using cutters and the children loved threading pasta to make necklaces and bracelets for themselves. The children also engaged in scooping pasta using a spoon, bowl and cups.


After the table activities, we had an opportunity to come outside to explore the outdoor environment and as well some dancing moves and ‘Walking in the jungle’.


In the afternoon we explored our top table activities: Construction trucks, Puzzles, Play dough and Lego


Altogether we had an amazing day!

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