Even though it was raining day we still managed to have an amazing day!

We began our morning exploring indoor free play like construction trucks, drawing, building houses using blocks and making coffee in the home corner.

Before morning tea, we gathered on the group mat with Natasha and Nita, where all the children were encouraged to make a big circle. It was amazing to see all the children using their great listening skills.

We started our group learning by introducing a new ‘Bonker’s Beat Good morning’ song to the children followed by acknowledgment of the country as well as weather songs.

As it is Holi season and a perfect time to introduce different colours to the children, Natasha read books about colours and talked about her different coloured dinosaurs and Nita and the children discussed colours by looking at her different coloured frogs!

After morning tea, the children explored different activities like the train set, patting babies in the home corner, dress up, books and magnetic blocks!

The children helped to pack away their toys before transitioning to the table, where the children enjoyed a science experiment of changing colours using milk, four different colours (Green, red, blue, yellow), dish washing liquid and earbuds to swab.

Nita explained to the children how the experiment works and asked the children some questions like “Which colour they want to drop into the milk first?” and as the colours were added we then took turns using the ear buds to move the colours around the tray of milk.

The children showed great enthusiasm and wonder as they watched the colours change and move into one another. This is a great introduction to predictions and watching how something like colours can change into different colours by moving them around.

Later, the children participated in sensory colourful foam play where children were asked to feel and squeeze the foam inside the zip lock bag as well as spread the colour they put inside the zip lock bag.

While doing this activity, Nita asked children how it felt when they touched it and squeezed the bag as well as which colour they using.

Some of the children’s voices:

Massimo said “It is soft’

Ava said “It’s blue”

Trishika said “It’s Red”

Charlie said “It’s yellow”

Altogether we had a great fun day!

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