Dear Magenta families,

We warmly welcome our new friend Elliot Winzenried to the Magenta group this week.

Today has been very rainy so we started our day with lot of indoor activities. We listened to many songs and moved our bodies to the rhythm and beat. We all love to dance and what a great way to keep ourselves active while we are missing outside play. Dancing is a great way for us to develop many areas of our development including creativity and physical fitness.

Sophia B and Sophia E enjoyed exploring the puzzles while using their fine motor skills and cognitive skills to fix the pieces together. When the rain stopped for a little while. Elliot, Noah and Rory had some time in the sand pit area. They enjoyed transferring the cars around the sand pit with lots of laughter.

Then we all joined our literacy group time with Donna, Komal, Durshi and Carolina. We enjoyed singing together and reading stories at the group time. In Durshi’s group we discussed about Hina matsuri Day and Durshi taught us that Hina matsuri Day is a celebration day for girls in Japan. It takes place on 3rd March every year and Japanese families make wishes for the good health, growth, and happiness for their girls. We learnt Konnichiwa means “hello “in Japanese, then we started practicing the word by greeting to each other. Cyrus said he can speak in Japanese, and “Hai “means yes in Japanese.

Then we read few “paw patrol “books with Durshi and discussed how can we be kind to our nature same as Paw Petrol’s and talked about recycling. Show and tell was one of the hits today too and Isla H talked about the slime she bought from home. Isla said her mum bought them and it sticks to the wall. Elizabeth showed us a rainbow popup and she said her mum bought it and it has rainbow colours.

After the group time we had learning centre time. We did a dot-to-dot activity with Carolina and Komal explained us how a fish can float on water. Donna was talking to us about our emotions, and we were drawing our own face by looking ourselves from a mirror.

Another fun day at Magenta Room.

Have a wonderful Wednesday evening.

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