Thursday has arrived and there has been no improvement in the weather … but we are still having a lovely time together indoors with several fun activities and learning experiences!

We have really enjoyed our group times today with our educators Natasha, Nita and Robyn. We have read lots of books together, sang songs and shared resources and toys together. The children have been very interested in the weather and love to sing songs about rain to wish it away! We’ve been talking a lot about colours too 😊 Group time is a lovely space to ask the children open ended questions and engage them in meaningful conversations about their interests!

Our yoga mats are still wet from the rain, but we used some time in the morning to stretch our bodies and practice our gross motor skills in our butterfly pose!

The children have enjoyed several table activities today that have focused on colour recognition and colour matching! We started with our little Australian animal counters, the children were invited to match them to the correct coloured paper on the tables.

Another colour activity was scooping coloured pompoms into the matching bowls! This was a great way to enhance our fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and depth perception!

In the afternoon, the children joined in with a science experiment about the weather to help to broaden their understanding of the world and understand how things work! Together, we used a pipette to drop blue water on top of our rain cloud (foam) and watched the rain come through! Before we started the experiment, Robyn asked the children “What does this look like?” and Massimo said “a babyccino” and Trishika said “Ice cream”!

We took it in turns to squeeze the pipette over the foam with our little fingers and watched the rain come through 😊

We’ve had another lovely day in the Aqua room painting together, making coffee in the kitchen and patting the babies to sleep!

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