Happy Friday! What a lovely day we have had to end another lovely week in the Aqua room! We have enjoyed several breaks in the rain and ran outside to play! Outdoor play is extremely beneficial for the children and we have definitely missed it this week. We put on our gumboots and hats and had fun exploring the puddles and finding where the water is dripping from the shelters!

We warmed up our bodies with a small yoga session on our carpet, as the mats are still wet, to get ready for the day ahead of us!

With all this weather talk and some sun forecast for today (just a little bit), the children were invited to create a beautiful rainbow! In our group time before the activity, we talked about how when there is rain and sunshine, sometimes there are rainbows and that we might go outside to try and find one later!

The children used glue sticks, cotton wool and colourful paper to make a beautiful rainbow! We talked about the different colours they could see and everyone’s colour recognition is really improving!

The festival of Holi is coming up soon! It is also called the festival of colours and links very nicely to our curriculum this month! Today the children sat down to participate in a fun colour mixing experiment. We used coloured water and a pipette to mix colours together to make more colours! Today we mixed blue and yellow to make green, red and yellow to make orange and blue and red to make purple! The children loved to use the pipette to drop in the water and watch the colours change!

We have also enjoyed some scooping and pouring in a sensory tray with coloured rice, pasta, pompoms, spoons and cups! This is a fun activity that engages the children in sensory play that benefits their physical development and cognitive development!

Have a lovely weekend and stay dry! 😊

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