Happy Friday! We have had a lovely day of playing and exploring to end another fantastic week in the Aqua room 😊

The children started their day with group time with Nita, where they talked about the weather, their feelings, they read books, sang songs and played with her coloured frogs that are musical instruments. The children enjoy learning about colours with the frogs and then use the wooden stick to stroke on the frog’s back and hear a ‘ribbit’ sound!

We moved outside for our yoga session in the warm sun under the shade of the tree! Together, we practiced our animal poses; butterfly, dog and snake and ended with meditation in our ‘happy baby’ pose!

Today, we spent our day outside! We talked about the importance of wearing a hat and sunscreen to protect us from the sun.

The children finished off Sea Week by creating some lovely starfish! They used yellow and green paint and then decorated them with pink glitter! They used their fine motor skills to manipulate the paintbrush and their little fingers to pinch and sprinkle the glitter!

We enjoyed building in the construction corner with the big wooden blocks! Block play is a great tool for open ended play and encourages creativity! We made a tall tower together 😊

The children loved reading books, playing with play dough and building train tracks together. They even spotted a friend of ours, Andrew the spider, in his new web in the tree!

Have a great weekend!

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