Welcome to Magenta and another fun rainy day. We had to spend most of the day exploring inside but we had lots to do and had fun while doing it. Some of us started the morning off with mat time exploring the small cars. We pushed them around the track, and it was so nice to see our new friend (Elliot) interact with old friends, they shared so nicely and gave each other a smile while doing so. Chelsea and Allison enjoyed exploring the farm animals

Just before learning centre time, we were divided into our groups. We listened to few stories and sang few songs as well. Then we had our usual show and tell time and Della talked about the frog she brought form home. Isla showed the pink box she brought from home.  Literacy group time provide opportunity for us to extend on our cognitive and language skills.

Durshi made cupcakes for us to decorate to celebrate Donna’s birthday today. At learning centre time, we sat with our teachers and decorated our own cupcakes. We spread strawberry source on the cupcakes and sprinkled hundreds and thousands on it. It was such a nice experience for us, and we couldn’t wait until we taste them in the afternoon tea time.

With Carolina a small group made a puzzle and they worked as a team to complete it.

Playdough was a hit as always. The children used their fine motor skills and moulded the dough to the shape they want. We also used fine motor skills to cut the dough and it was so amazing to see how clever our friends were when figuring out how to cut it.

What a fun Thursday!


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