Welcome to last day of the week Friday!

We started our day at Magenta with mat time where we enjoy singing action songs with our teachers. We all loved listening to “Nee Naw” with Durshi this morning.

The group time allows us to develop our sense of belonging and enhance the self-esteem. Today, we had our morning group time with Carolina, Manju, and Daniel. We read many books including Nino, Spot goes to the park, Spot’s birthday party. In show and tell time, Pasha talked about his sunglasses which he found in his car. Pasha said “its blue and my mom bought it for me “Also Pasha said he likes to wear it on sunny days. William Du showed us his umbrella and said “its black and wet”

In literacy group time, we enjoyed making different patterns using small beads and putting them to little holes on a plate. Pasha and William D did a great job by trying their best to match with the example given by Durshi. Carolina taught us how to connect dots to make a figure. Dot to dot puzzles help in improving fine motor skills to prepare young kids for writing.

Threading is a great activity to help us develop fine motor skills essential for being able to draw, write, do up buttons, tie shoelaces, open lunch boxes and more. Threading also help to develop eye-hand coordination and concentration skills. Lui, Isidori, Sophia and Scarlet enjoyed threading with Durshi.

Some of the friends joined Carolina for Yoga and Yoga cultivates core strength which helps increase balance and flexibility in our bodies. Yoga and mindfulness are effective ways to promote healthy brain development and function.

Throughout the day we all loved joining in with drawing, reading books, playing at the home corner, dress up and constructive play. It’s been a very fun week indeed! Looking forward to another exciting week on Monday and have a great weekend.

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