Happy Monday everyone and welcome back. We hope everyone had a relaxing weekend and it is so lovely to see all our new friends settling well in Magenta room.

This morning, some Magenta explorers were busy practicing their cognitive and fine motor skills with puzzles. At the home corner, some were busy putting the babies to bed as well as cooking for their friends.

Just before morning literacy group time, we were divided into four groups today with Manju, Komal, Carolina and Rosanna. We read some of our favourite stories and also enjoyed singing ‘la le choosa’ and ‘barramundi. Then we listened to some of our favourite stories with our teachers. In Show and tell, Alison showed us a necklace and a rubber band. She said it has pink, purple, blue, yellow and red beads. Alison said Emily is her best friend and she made it for Alison.

Isla decided to talk about her vitamin gummy bottle and she said, “those gummies make me strong”. Also, Isla said that “mummy bought it I take one orange colour gummy every morning”.  Isidori showed us her magic wand and said, “it has orange, blue and green lights on it”. Also, Isidori showed us her green dinosaur and said, “the dinosaur has big teeth, and it wears a hat”.

Henry M talked about the water paint book and said, “daddy bought it for me”. Also, Henry said “I can paint the ocean and fishes with the pen”.  Elizabeth talked about the cow book which her mummy bought for her from the shops and she said, “sheep’s are having dinner and then they are going back to their house”.

Molly showed us her makeup pouch and said, “It has a Donald, unicorn, an ice cream and a spider inside the pouch”. She said “I like to play with my pouch because I like makeup”

During learning centre time, the Magenta explorers were engaged with variety of activities.  Learning about the seasons help us understand the passage of time and teach us about change. While some seasonal changes are more obvious such as falling leaves on the arrival of autumn, we discussed about falling leaves on autumn and then we sticked dried leaves on a paper tree! Komal thought us how to recycle remaining pieces of chalk and we used our big muscles to crush small chalk pieces and then we mixed them with water to use it tomorrow.

Durshi said this week is “Sea week” and we started a project to make an ocean artwork.  We already painted our sea today and we are planning to stick sea animal tomorrow.

Iris and poppy started cooking and minding the dolls in the home corner.  Outside Noah, Rory and Elliot had a small group around the Lego table. They enjoyed building tall towers.

Tilly and Eliza enjoyed some time drawing pictures and got creative.

Claire, Molly, Isla and Remi enjoyed some time exploring the new stethoscope.

Alice, Zachary and Sophia used fine motor skills to paint and cut with the scissors.

What a fun filled day we had.

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