We began our morning by exploring indoor free play like construction trucks, the drawing table, building houses using blocks and making coffee in the home corner as well as making different shapes from play dough using cutlery.

Before morning tea, we gathered on the group mat with Nita where all the children were encouraged to make a big circle and we started our group time learning by doing an acknowledgement to country as well our ‘Good Morning’ greeting song followed by the weather song.
Then Nita read the book ‘Meg and Mog’ chosen by the children as well as singing the farm song and showing the children different farm animals.

After our group learning children were encouraged to get their hats on as well as sunscreen.
Some of the  children chose to play in the construction corner where they used their fine and gross motor skills to build with the large and small wooden blocks making hide outs and farm for the animals.

Some of them started reading books in the mat using their verbal and non- verbal communication with each other.
Some of the children engaged themselves in playing with the train track as well as sensory play using sand as their roads for the train.

For the table activities, the children had a go at Holi Fire craft using their both handprint as well as paper bag cut in shapes as a wood, coming over to the craft table at their own pace and using their own creations to make fire craft for Holi.

Also we did water scooping using soup spoons as well as different bowls and cups. The children used their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination with the green water for St. Patricks Day!

In the afternoon, we enjoyed our some free time outside in the garden all to our self by dancing and doing yoga.

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