Good afternoon families

Today we started our day inside, where the children enjoyed tables activities like: Animal puzzles, sensory play dough, train track and threading!

We gathered for group time with Nita where we sang ‘Make a circle’ and held each other’s hands to sit in circle.

After we read the story ‘Meg and Mog’ chosen by the children as well as singing different songs and playing our musical instruments.

After our group learning, we went outside to explore the outdoor environment where the children enjoyed stretching by running, jumping as well as body balancing in the steps.

The children loved the water and sand ocean with some sea life animal in the tray, while some of them did drawing and the others started building towers in the construction area using blocks.

Before lunch, the children did a fun activity of colourful handprint craft for upcoming Holi festivals, where children were explained that Hindu festivals Holi is celebrated by using different colours.

The children seemed very happy while touching colours with their hands and fingers.

They enhanced their fine motor skills and hand eye co-ordination by stamping their handprints on the white chart paper.

After our lunch and a good rest, the children were encouraged to get their hats and sunscreen on to play outdoors.

In outdoor play, the children engaged themselves in water play by scooping using spoons and cups, blowing bubbles and played football.

Altogether we had a great day

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