Happy Monday to all!!!

It was a perfect sunny and day for us to run around and warmup our bodies. Matilda and Elizabeth were busy patting babies at the special home corner today at the yard while Chelsea and Alison were using their special skills to do some cooking. This helps in enhancing children to reflect their self-identity as well as depict their existing understanding in regard to social emotions. Alice and Cassidy were busy drawing on the table while Elliot, Noah and Rory were playing with the trains.

Our group times are always very interactive and engaging! We started our morning group time with Durshi discussing how to be responsible about our belongings. Then we discussed about cough etiquettes and how to stop spreading germs.

Durshi said she will be naming the most responsible Magenta boy or the girl of the day everyday at morning group time for “Caught Good” Then, Durshi is going to let the most responsible Magenta girl or the boy of the day to choose a toy from the lucky dip. Durshi nominated Alice Walker as the most responsible person in Magenta for last Friday and Alice got to choose her toy from the lucky dip. Also, we were requested to give a nice clap for Alice. We all thought we are going to try our best tomorrow to get a toy form the Durshi’s lucky dip.

Today we were divided in to three groups with Komal, Carolina and Manju. We all love to sing and read books together. We are so excited to participate in “show and tell”. Today Iris wanted to show us her swimming award she got from her swimming class. Iris said, “that is from swimming yesterday and every day I go for swimming “Also she said, “I like to swim and enjoy with mummy.” Next it was Cassidy’s turn and he showed us his favorite doll from home. Cassidy said the name of the doll is Bella and I take Bella to the bed to sleep”. Elizabeth talked about her necklace, and she said, “My mommy bought it and it has a purple dolphin”. Isla talked about her bouncy ball, and she said, “Mommy bought it from the machine yesterday and it is bouncy” Molly talked about her pocky pie and said, “dad bought it, its chocolate flavor, my mom said I can open it and show to my friends” Last it was Chloe’s turn and she showed us the tooth brush, tooth paste and the yellow floss box.

In learning centre time, Carolina continued with the jelly fish artwork with some of us and Rossana invited us to draw shapes using blocks. With Durshi, we did the final touch for our ocean artwork by adding bubbles on the waves.

We all had a great day in Magenta and were very proud to share our day with Magenta educators and peers. sHave a nice evening everyone! 😊

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