Welcome to Tuesday!

Today we started our day with some physical activities where everyone enjoyed playing outside, especially sand pit, climbing the trees, riding cars and balancing on the beams. Elliot, Rory, and Noah were very busy playing with trucks around the sand pit while Tilly, Iris and Isla were taking turns to climb the tree. Skipping was another big hit today and we all loved it so much.

Durshi started the morning group time with our usual topic “How to be responsible about our belongings”. Then it was the time for “Caught Good” award and our teacher’s decided Poppy is the most responsible person from yesterday and Poppy got to choose her toy form the lucky dip. Then it was time for Show and tell and Durshi requested us to make sure to put our “Show and tell” in the “Show and tell” basket and not in our own bags.

Poppy talked about her neckless and said, “It is a neckless, I put it on my neck, and I take it off when I go to sleep, I don’t know who gave it to me, but I like to shake it” In the question time Matilda asked “Is it from your home?”

Molly talked about her books and said, “I really like frozen because I watched it a t home, but my favourite book is the wizard because I like to read in my bedtime with mum”. Chloe talked about her cube and said, “I like it, because I can build things with it, and I got this from my babies’ room”. Zachary talked about a book and said “I bought it from the library, and I go to the library in the pram with my mum and dad. Then we all listened to the book together.

Followed by show and tell, we enjoyed singing songs and listening to the stories with Katherine, Komal and Manju. Everyone showed enthusiasm and took active participation when teachers were reading books. Group time allows us to get to know our peers and have discussions which enhance our language development and self-confidence.

In our literacy learning centre time, With Rosanna children contributed to collecting Autumn leaves to acknowledge Autumn season. We all demonstrated great social skills by helping each other to collectively collect the leaves extended by sticking activity. Komal introduced Monograph painting to us, and we all enjoyed participating in art and crafts. We were encouraged to spread paint on a baking paper using straws and then colour our own to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Further, we enjoyed in story telling “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” with Katharine enhancing our language development skills as well as turn taking.

Some enjoyed pretend play in the home corner by making babycino and patting the babies. Whilst some enjoyed dancing. Some of us enjoyed reading books whereas some enjoyed construction and cars. The free play allows us to express our self-identities and develop self-esteem.

Have a great afternoon and looking forward to our Wonderful Wednesday.

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