It was bit of rain this morning and we decided to start our day with some dancing. We all enjoyed dancing to our favourite songs with our teachers. As always “frozen” was the all-time favourite followed by “in the jungle” from Lion king.

We all love our group time which we are allowed to express feelings and ideas to a group of friends without judgment. Also, we always have the opportunity to gain confidence as we speak in front of our friends and peers. Durshi started the morning group time with our usual topic “How to be responsible for our belongings”. Then it was time for “Caught Good” award and our teacher’s decided Remi is the most responsible person from yesterday. We all gave a big clap to Remi and all the teachers said that they are very proud of Remi.

Then we were divided in to four groups with Komal, Carolina, Manju and Katharine. In show and tell, Isla H talked about her toy and said, “It is a swishy, this one sticks to the big one, I got it from the vending machine, the big one has water in it, so my baby brother cannot have it”. Alice W talked about her soft toy she brought from home and said, “its Snoopy and it makes a dog sound”. In Della’s turn she said, “It is bunny, and his name is brownie, it’s a girl, she can hop, she has a sister and left at home”. Poppy raised her hand for a question and asked where did you get it from? Della said, “It’s from home”. Poppy talked about her Show and told and said, “This is Anna and Elsa, they love each other, and their feet moves”. Sophie R talked about her book she bought from home and said, “it’s about bunny rabbit, my mum bought it”. Pasha talked about his toy and said “it is a dragon and can fly, it is from McDonalds”

In the literacy learning time Durshi made slime with most of us. Slime helps us in engaging the minds through sensory play and experiences, also keep us happy and occupied throughout the day.  Sensory development in children is probably the biggest benefit of sensory play. Sensory experiences help develop skills such as motor skills, language, scientific thinking, and problem-solving.

Komal and Manju continued the Monograph painting while Carolina was doing yoga with some of the friends. Rosanna also continued sticking Autumn leaves to make a beautiful Autumn artwork.

We enjoyed participating in self-selected activities such as sand play, pretend play enhancing our social-emotional learning as we demonstrate the skills of sharing, caring, and nurturing each other.

Have a lovely evening!

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