Welcome Crimson families, Wednesdays are getting better every week with adventure and fun learning experiences. We had a big group of children in the morning who were sharing their ideas and thoughts about whole day. We discussed about routine and few new ideas to change in the crimson room.

The News Time involved with cultural diversity topic. Oscar came in the front to show his picture about visiting to Queensland. He also shared that the state is completely different than Sydney in terms of weather, buildings and so on.

The learning centre involved dotted painting among Kookaburras. Children were created their own plate with different colours. Kookaburras were also involved in constructive play with cars and learning about numbers through measuring scales.

Platypus and Koalas were engaged in creating their own house members of different cultures. They were imagining a new family with different cultural background. They were also involved in copying numbers and letters from pictures.

Possums were engaged in sensory movements through playdough and constructive play through magnets. Music play was very popular among children throughout the day.

The learning centre was followed by sandpit play of digging, making food and yard play of organizing team and turn taking.

Thank You. See You all Tomorrow.

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