Welcome Crimson Families, great start of the week with  harmony celebration in the crimson room. Children were dressed in their cultural clothes and discussed about their cultures.

The News Time was extended with cultural diversity. We learned  lots of things from Holi , St Patrick’s Day and harmony day. Children interacted with each other in the group time about cultural beliefs and equality in every culture. Elaria shared her news with all of us through picture. She was confident and well  prepared to explain about her picture. Children were asking questions to Elaria and she handling all questions one by one.

The learning centre involved engaging with nature by collecting leaves  and printing on the piece of paper. Children showed respect towards environment by collecting leaves from the ground and write their name on the side. The activity was further followed in the sandpit where children created giant castles and covered with leaves. They pretended castle as cooking stove and put some leaves on the top of it. The sandpit activity also involved digging holes and planting pipes under the sand.

The Harmony day was  celebrated by drawing fingerprint of everykid on the big piece of paper.  Children were free to choose colors  for their hands. Most children drew pink, brown, red  and black . During the activity, we talked about equality and how everybody deserve to be treated with respect regardless of colour, gender and race.

Moreover, the learning centre was followed with yard play where children organized team to play different ball games and in the cubby house. we also checked upon guinea pig and chickens for their food and water.

We had a wonderful start of the week. See You all Tomorrow.

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