What a beautiful and busy day we had today.
Children got to enjoy lots of different activities. We started of our day with the group time. With Sandra we sat to hear some stories and did the matching cards game, whilst with Cindy and Ximena we sang songs and read stories.
After the group time we stretched our bodies doing the yoga with Sandra and that was just warming up for other activities. 
We dot painted with Aboriginal colours for our Aboriginal wall. With Jasmine we draw some shapes in the black tub. Drawing provides sensory enjoyment, independent play and physical movement. Scribbling supports muscle and hand-eye coordination, as well as emotional release.
With Sandra we started Safari Animals Project and for today we decided to paint our own lions.
Later we spoke about dental hygiene and how to brush our teeth. To help children to understand better we used the photo and tooth brush to improvise.
Our little ones explored inside and outside, they played with sensory toys and practiced sharing. We also enjoyed playing in the sand pit, jungle gym, and dancing.

Have a beautiful afternoon everybody and see you tomorrow! 

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